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Arisi was born in 1925 as a “workshop”, opened all night and day long, in order to solve small and big problems related to maintenance and repairing of both agricultural machinery and rural work-tools.

Over the years Arisi has grown, acquiring experience and developing technologies that allowed the company to expand the intervention areas to carpentry, plant design and machine-aided manufacturing.

Currently the company occupies a surface of 17000 sqm.

Arisi usually works on commissioned order, either realizing specific client’s projects or planning structures and implants within the company, according to the precise requirements of the customer.

Arisi is mainly characterised by its great flexibility and the ability to work detached from standards. Generally the customer addresses to our company to require a product that does not exist on the market, with customized structure and characteristics. Often the client provides us just a few indications on the results to obtain after a definite process; our technical office takes care of the study, the project and the development of the former until the target is reached. Every commission is completely developed and realized through three phases:


-scheduling of the working phases and coordination of the skilled staff

-installation and delivery of the end product or the semi-finished product














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